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WEBINAR - Mass Timber is the Future of Construction

Boston MA

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From climate and environment, health and well-being, affordability and automation, to AI and algorithms – mass timber offers tools and solutions for radical change and modernization of an industry that largely operates as it did a century ago. Join CREW Boston for a members only CREW Network webinar with speaker Natalie Telewiak, Principal Architect at Michael Green Architecture (MGA). She will tell the story of why change is necessary, and how change is realized through education and messaging that shifts the public perception of what is possible with mass timber. By participating in this webinar, you will learn about:
  • ​Mass timber advantages and opportunities
  • Mass timber code changes in the United States and Canada
  • Mass timber project examples

About the Speaker
With an education in both architecture and engineering, Natalie Telewiak, Principal - Architect AIBC, BEng, LEED AP, Michael Green Architecture (MGA), brings an approach rooted in material logic. Combined with an emphasis on cross team collaboration, Natalie is driven toward elegant solutions that marry structure, systems, manufacturing and architecture. Career highlights include work on the Governor General Award-winning Ronald MacDonald House in Vancouver and a mass timber, multi-activity centre in the City of Gallivare, Sweden.
12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.

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Confirmed Attending

  • Sarah Broughel
  • Rachael Diharce
  • Susan Gittelman
  • Tracey Hartford
  • Elizabeth Krol
  • Abby Krueger
  • Melissa Schrock
  • Christine Song
  • Alexandra Toteva