CREW Boston

Membership Committee

Membership Committee
Co-Chairs: Lisa Strope | Elizabeth Wright
The Membership Committee focuses on creating networking opportunities to enhance the CREW Boston experience of current members through Retention activities and to promote new membership through Recruitment activities.  The Committee organizes events that vary in size and formality to encourage members to interact in order to cultivate personal and professional relationships with the goal of developing new business opportunities among members.

CREW Boston strives to keep our members engaged, to recognize member achievement, and, above all, to provide quality networking opportunities throughout the year.  Retention activities include planning networking and member appreciation events including the New Member/Legacy Council Reception, Legacy Lunch Series and the Women of Legacy Panel event, Dine Arounds, and the Committee Thank You Party.  Retention activities also include membership renewals in conjunction with the CREW-administered renewal process.  Please see the Prior Events section below for examples of the type of networking events offered to our members.

CREW Boston continues to strengthen the organization by finding ways to attract new members and grow the membership.  Recruitment activities include planning Member/Guest events and joint events with other real estate affiliated networking groups throughout the year to provide opportunities for women in real estate-related professions to network with CREW Boston members and learn more about our organization and the benefits of membership.  Recruitment activities also include reaching out to the guests who have attended prior events to answer any questions they may have about the organization, encouraging prospective members to apply for membership, and providing assistance with the application process.  In addition, the Ambassador Program for new members to CREW Boston is a program that was started to help new members immediately gain the most out of their membership.  As part of this program, members of the Committee personally reach out to new members to welcome them to CREW Boston, encourage attendance and networking at upcoming events, and greet new members and guests at luncheons.

The Membership Committee welcomes members with creative minds who enjoy selecting exciting venues, organizing out-of-the-box events, and facilitating introduction, communication and collaboration among our members.  The committee typically meets the third Tuesday of the month at 12:30 p.m.   Please email the co-chairs listed at the top of the page with any questions about the Committee.