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Welcome to CREW Boston's Committees and Groups

Make the most of your membership by joining a committee and/or a group. We have something for everyone. Just take a look. 


  • Achievement Awards Committee

    Achievement Awards Committee

    The Awards Committee plans the annual Achievement Awards Reception held in April each year to recognize our earnest Mentees; our future Leaders; and our esteemed Achievers.

  • Golf Committee

    Golf Committee

    The Golf Committee is responsible for planning and hosting the annual CREW Boston Charity Golf Tournament held in the Fall. All proceeds from the tournament are contributed to the CREW Boston Educational Foundation.

  •  Communications Committee

    Communications Committee

    Do you like writing? Editing? Social media? Then consider joining the Communications Committee!

  • CREW Network Committee

    CREW Network Committee

    The CREW Network Committee is the liaison between CREW Boston and the CREW Network, a global network consisting of over 75 chapters and more than 12,000 members world wide. This committee focuses on increasing member awareness of CREW Network benefits. It emphasizes opportunities to interact with CREW members for business or pleasure, and encourages members to actively participate in CREW Network events, programs and committees and to donate to the CREW Network Foundation.

  • Housing and Community Development Committee

    Housing and Community Development Committee

    The Housing and Community Development Committee is a resource for members to engage in robust discussions about changes and trends in the housing and community development industry, with a particular focus on affordable housing development.

  • Legacy Council

    Legacy Council

    The CREW Boston Legacy Council was created in 2004 to provide a forum for discussion and exchange of ideas among CREW Boston's most experienced and long standing members.

  • Membership Committee

    Membership Committee

    The Membership Committee focuses on creating networking opportunities to enhance the experience of members and promote new membership. The Committee organizes events to encourage members to cultivate relationships with the goal of developing new business opportunities among members and to recruit new members. The Committee also provides members the opportunity to give back to non-profit organizations and service days collaborated with other commercial real estate organizations.

  • Mentor Committee

    Mentor Committee

    The Mentor Committee focuses on making everyone's membership more meaningful through the organization’s annual Mentor Program, which runs from January through June each year.

  • Program, Seminar & Project Spotlight Committee

    Program, Seminar & Project Spotlight Committee

    The Program, Seminar and Project Spotlight Committee plans and produces high-quality and innovative luncheon programs, seminars, and project tours throughout the CREW Boston year. Our commercial real estate based programs are intended to provide knowledge and timely information to members. These programs, which feature accomplished speakers, cover a wide range of topics of interest to our membership and the Boston commercial real estate community at large.

  • Public Sector Connections Committee

    Public Sector Connections Committee

    The Public Sector Connections (PSC) Committee focuses on the intersection between the public and private real estate sectors in Massachusetts. Our programs keep our members “in the know” about the latest programs and incentives and offer opportunities to meet and network with the policy makers and program administrators who shape the rules that govern the real estate industry.

  • Sponsorship Committee

    Sponsorship Committee

    The Sponsorship Committee raises funds from member and non-member organizations to support CREW Boston's mission of advancing women in commercial real estate.

  • UCREW Committee

    UCREW Committee

    The UCREW Committee serves as a liaison between CREW Boston and young women pursuing education, which will lead to careers in commercial real estate.

  • The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee

    The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee

    The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) Committee was created with the understanding that in order to promote the advancement and parity (in opportunity, influence and power) of women in the commercial real estate industry we must include the advancement and parity in underrepresented groups to overcome institutional biases and racism within the commercial real estate industry.

Networking Groups

  • Entrepreneur Exchange Group

    Entrepreneur Exchange Group

    This group of CREW Boston members with entrepreneurial spirit discusses the expertise, risks, passion and execution involved with leading, owning, and/or growing a business.

  • Meds and Eds Group

    Meds and Eds Group

    The Meds & Eds Group was organized to bring together a diverse group of CREW Boston members interested in academic, life science and medical sectors of the real estate industry.

  • Rising Leaders Group

    Rising Leaders Group

    The Rising Leaders Group is tailored to CREW Boston members who are 35 years of age or under. This group exists to provide a fun and friendly forum to connect younger professionals through a variety of social, networking, and educational opportunities geared towards the interests of Rising Leaders.

  • Sustainability Group

    Sustainability Group

    The Sustainability Group bring together CREW Boston members from all areas in commercial real estate interested in interdisciplinary conversations about green buildings, climate change, resilience, and public action.

  • Development Project Management Group

    Development Project Management Group

    CREW Boston is pleased to announce the launch of the Development Project Management Group, aimed at bringing together CREW members who focus on physical project creation and implementation over the length of a development project—such as members of the OAC (owner, architect/engineer, contractor) team.