CREW Boston


CREW Boston is your source for local and national networking, professional education, community outreach, mentoring and leadership opportunities. Participate and your membership will work for you.

Below are just a few examples of the value and benefits of CREW Boston membership:

Value for Money In addition to a wide array of educational seminars, programs and forums all geared to professional discussion, networking and increased professional visibility, your CREW Boston annual membership dues includes seven monthly luncheons at no additional cost, a feature not provided by any of the other professional groups.

Diversity of Disciplines CREW Boston membership represents all disciplines in the commercial real estate industry, providing opportunities for you to learn from, network with, and put together your next project development team with highly talented professionals.

Increased Professional Visibility CREW Boston events offer a unique forum for you to get to know your fellow professionals, providing more visibility for you and your company in the real estate industry. Your interactions with like- minded industry professionals and leaders, including CREW Boston’s Legacy Council members, will allow you to strengthen your personal brand as well as the reputation of your company in the commercial real estate industry.

Professional Support CREW Boston provides a venue for you to learn to network effectively and to interact with other professional women in a supportive environment that encourages leadership and success in the industry. 

Business Generation Your ability to leverage relationships and generate opportunities for new business is enhanced by the numerous and varied networking opportunities offered by CREW Boston and by our Chapter’s connection to the 12,000 members in the global CREW Network. .

Stay Informed CREW Boston offers a unique forum for the exchange of information and ideas, giving you an understanding of how current events are affected by industry dynamics, and how industry dynamics are impacted by current events. Attend CREW Boston events to stay informed as to what’s new and current in the industry and hear perspectives on the issues of the day from your peers.

Leadership Opportunities CREW Boston affords opportunities to develop your leadership skills through participation in CREW Boston’s many committees and groups, as well as the CREW Boston Leadership Academy.

Education CREW Boston offers diverse and informative educational programs and seminars throughout the year, presented by experts in the industry, often in small forums. CREW Boston’s educational programs foster the development and continued professional growth of women in the commercial real estate industry.

Mentoring CREW Boston provides invaluable opportunities for both formal and informal mentoring. Both are tools for productive communication between professional women, fostering professional development and providing opportunities to give and receive professional advice and learn from the experts in the industry.

Community Outreach CREW Boston committees offer numerous opportunities for you to give back to the community through your CREW Boston membership.

CREW Connection CREW Boston is a part of the CREW Network with over 12,000 members worldwide. Your CREW Boston membership includes a full membership in CREW Network, allowing you to increase your presence and profile nationally. Utilizing online tools such as CREWbiz, CREW Boston members have access to a valuable resource for referrals and information from industry professionals nationwide and are able to take advantage of professional opportunities nationally.