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rexBoston: Driving Resiliency, Leveraging Investment & Showcasing Innovation

On April 5th, CREW Boston's Sustainability Group hosted a presentation led by CREWBoston member Ellen Watts, and her Architerra colleague, Anna Arscott, to introduce rexBoston, Driving Resiliency, Leveraging Investment & Showcasing Innovation.  rexBoston – resiliency exemplified – is a bold vision to catalyze 130 innovative current and potential projects throughout the City, accelerating climate adaptation and carbon neutrality and showcasing replicable solutions in an international resiliency exposition opening in 2020 and culminating in 2030.  Inspired by CREW Boston members’ visits to Hamburg and Copenhagen, rexBoston embraces climate action as an opportunity for growth in support of the City’s Imagine Boston 2030, Climate Ready Boston, Go Boston, and Resilient Boston goals.   Ellen and Anna described the proposed branding, finance and governance strategies for this promising partnership concept which would support climate justice and design innovation throughout Boston’s 23 neighborhoods through the competitive award of capital investment grants for a dozen years.  The further intent is to create an app that helps Boston visitors navigate the exposition while providing global practitioners and students access to a robust technical database.  Find the visionplan online at

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Confirmed Attending

  • Michelle Apigian
  • Lauren Armstrong
  • Anna Arscott
  • Janet Chrisos
  • Russell DeMartino
  • Donna Denio
  • Diane Gray
  • Isabel Kaubisch
  • Alexandra Kirk
  • Kelly Lombardi
  • Jeanne LUKENDA
  • Cassie Malatesta
  • Jo-Ann Marzullo
  • Maureen McCaffrey
  • Tabetha McCartney
  • Pamela Messenger
  • Jane O'Brien
  • Abby Roberts
  • Amanda Roe
  • Gail Sullivan
  • Margo Sulmont
  • Julie Taylor
  • Kim Vermeer
  • Ellen Watts