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CREW Boston Members in Government - Discussion with Ellen DeNooyer, MBTA and Mary Knasas, BPDA

Members attended the Public Strategies' breakfast for a discussion with members Ellen DeNooyer, Senior Project Manager with the MBTA and Mary Knasas, Senior Planner with the BPDA, as they spoke about their respective careers (private to public, planning to project management and back to planning) as well as an update on current real estate activities in each of their organizations.
Ellen is a licensed architect with over 25 years of experience in managing complex transportation, institutional, and commercial projects.  Her work at the MBTA is focused on Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) projects, including Boston Landing Station, Millennium Tower, Mass Turnpike air rights parcels, and projects in the Seaport.  Prior to joining the MBTA, she was a project manager and architect with private sector architecture firms.  
Mary is the BPDA planner for South Boston, Chinatown, Bay Village and the Leather District, and is currently managing a TOD plan along the MBTA red line corridor (Andrew Square to Broadway station).  Among various initiatives, she co-managed the study that resulted in new urban design guidelines that informed New Balance's headquarters campus headquarters.

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Confirmed Attending

  • Amelia Aboff
  • Sarah Broughel
  • Janet Carlson
  • Kate Carter
  • Moira Cronin
  • MaryKate Daly
  • Donna Denio
  • Meghan Doherty
  • Martha Goldsmith
  • Thea Hahn
  • Karen Hurd
  • Danielle Justo
  • Isabel Kaubisch
  • Dena Kavanagh
  • Virginia Keesler
  • Colleen Kelly
  • Leslie Kivitz
  • Jo-Ann Marzullo
  • gledis memelli
  • Valerie Moore
  • Kaitlyn Mulcahy
  • Julie Nasser
  • Shahpar Negah
  • Kathleen M. O'Donnell
  • Kelsey ONeil
  • teresa patten
  • Verica Raskovic
  • Lydia Scott
  • Rebecca Sullivan
  • Jennifer Sutherby
  • Kim Vermeer