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2022 Achievement Awards Celebration

The 23rd annual Achievement Awards took place on April 27 at the Fairmont Copley Plaza with over 200 guests gathered to honor 10 members for their outstanding and impressive achievements in commercial real estate.  It was our first time hosting the awards in person since 2019!  In addition to our Achievement Awards honorees, we also recognized two very special groups this year, our Mentor Program, and our cohort of members from our Leadership Academy.  Since we were unable to celebrate the class of 2020 in person due to the pandemic, we invited the graduates from both the Class of 2020 and the Class of 2022 to join us tonight. Through these three groups that we recognized – our earnest Mentors and Mentees; our future Leaders; and our esteemed Achievers- attendees saw how the CREW organization supports its members as they grow both personally and professionally.
CREW Boston President Kerry Hawkins kicked off the ceremony by welcoming everyone and thanking all our sponsors, especially our two corporate sponsors, Boston Development Group and the Davis Companies.  Unfortunately, incoming President Tricia Pinto was unable to attend the event, but immediate past president Laura Gregoriadis joined us to honor these remarkable members. 
The team that worked on 66 Galen Street, comprised of 5 CREW Boston members, were the recipients of the Networking Award. This award recognizes a transaction, project, or project team that most clearly exemplifies the goals and purposes of CREW Boston and showcases a business-to-business networking success story. This team of 5 were intimately involved in ensuring the success of this project. 
Jodie Zussman and her team at Boston Development Group were the long-term owners of property on the corner of Water Street and Galen Street in Watertown. Recognizing that more is better, Jodie’s team began quietly acquiring surrounding parcels to create an assemblage for a larger project. With Watertown’s attraction as a hot-bed of life science development, Boston Development group assembled a best-in-class team of consultants and advisors in envisioning a two-phase, purpose-built, 450,000 SF life science campus on the banks of the Charles River. First, Jodie enlisted Elizabeth Lowry and her team at Elkus Manfredi to design a spectacular building. Then, she contacted Kerry Hawkins, formerly of JLL, to secure a venture partner and construction financing for the project. Lastly, she paired up with Cappy Daume and Gretchen McGill from The Davis Companies for their deep expertise in life science assets and formed a partnership to develop the site.
Currently under construction, phase I of 66 Galen Street will be delivered in 2023, featuring 224,000 SF of next generation lab space, ample open green space, and a highly desirable tenant amenity package.
Our 5 recipients of the Networking Award were:
Jodie Zussman with Boston Development Group
Cappy Daume and Gretchen McGill with The Davis Companies
Elizabeth Lowery with Elkus Manfredi Architects
Kerry Hawkins with Greystar, formerly with JLL
Accepting the award on behalf of the team was Jodie Zussman, who thanked CREW Boston for the recognition. “On behalf of the Networking team, we would like to thank CREW for this gratifying recognition. It is unusual, but also very rewarding to witness so many women at the forefront of such an exciting and transformative project like 66 Galen Street.”
Ashley Maggiacomo received the Espirit de Couer Award for embodying the heart and soul of CREW Boston by demonstrating a strong commitment to furthering its goals and purposes. An interior designer with SMMA, Ashley joined CREW and jumped in with both feet.  She immediately joined a variety of committees and began offering her talents, ideas, and enthusiasm. She was also chosen to be one of CREW Boston’s select group of 9 members that serve as New Member Ambassadors.
Ashley serves as a great role model for new CREW Boston members, demonstrating how to make the most of your membership. Getting involved with a committee is one of the best ways to take full advantage of your CREW Boston membership and to harness the power of CREW.  It allows you to meet new people, lend a helping hand, and learn more about the organization.  Ashley’s leadership and commitment to CREW Boston are remarkable and we are so grateful to have her as a member.
Upon accepting her award, Ashley expressed her gratitude to the organization: “CREW has been a space where I have been able to thrive as exactly the person I am. I have become an active member in the Membership Committee, Development Network Group, Educational Foundation, and Entrepreneur Exchange- and my favorite of all- I have become a CREW Ambassador- helping to welcome new members and guiding them to maximize their experience within the organization. I cannot begin to thank all the women within CREW who have helped me to shine.”
Molly Pidgeon was presented with the Entrepreneur of the Year Award. This award recognizes a member who isn’t afraid to take a risk and has the courage to step out on her own to either start a business or grow a business organically within an organization.
Molly started her business in 2013 and has created two unique brands – PIDGEON & CO., a design build, construction management, and owner project management firm servicing the commercial market, and House of Dietrich, a boutique interior design studio servicing the residential market.
Molly is an inspiration for other professional women in real estate who seek to start their own company.  She takes a hands-on approach to her work; she and her team focus on communication, strategic partnerships in design and construction, and ownership of all aspects of project delivery. Based on her numerous client accolades, Molly and her team successfully deliver on all their projects.
The Suzanne King Public Service Award was presented to Elizabeth Lowery, a woman who exemplifies the essence and spirit of Suzanne’s legacy.  This award recognizes a CREW Boston member who, either as a career or through volunteer activities, is committed to strengthening the community through effective action and leadership.
In addition to being a long time CREW Boston Member and an accomplished Principal and Director of Interior Architecture at Elkus Manfredi Architects, Elizabeth has also given tirelessly to civic and non-profit organizations during her career.  She doesn’t just sit on board lists or invites – she does the hard work. During the pandemic, Elizabeth showed great leadership on behalf of Heading Home.  Under her direction, Elkus Manfredi launched an internal fundraising campaign to support Heading Home in feeding 525 children 3 meals daily.  The team surpassed their initial goal in only 7 days, and ultimately raised nearly $30,000, funding 1,900 meals.
Furthermore,  Elizabeth was also instrumental in driving participation in one of the first virtual events during the pandemic – the annual MassArt Auction.  As the Auction co-chair, she worked with the MassArt team to pivot to a virtual event, which included inspired cocktails and a Spotify playlist, and successfully raised over one million dollars.  These are just a few examples of Elizabeth’s many robust philanthropic endeavors. 
Accepting on Elizabeth’s behalf was Suzanne Picher, Chief Development Officer with Heading Home. Suzanne shared that Elizabeth thanked CREW Boston and the sense of community it fosters. “ The community of support that exists in this room tonight is the perfect example. CREW is our ‘tribe.’ It’s built around women helping each other, respecting each other, and creating connections with and for each other.”
Christine Flaherty received the Professional Service Award, honoring her significant contributions and leadership within her company as well as her commitment and dedication to delivering superior service and achieving great results. As a Vice President and Commercial Real Estate Relationship Manager at Berkshire Bank, Chrissie repeatedly provides outstanding service
for her clients and for her firm.  She has demonstrated leadership by managing multiple large deals while simultaneously also building trusted advisor relationships with her clients.  She is always willing to lend a hand or a friendly ear.
Chrissie has been an active member of CREW Boston for many years, contributing her talent and enthusiasm to the Membership and Golf Committee.  She is also a former Board member of the CREW Boston Educational Foundation and served as the President of the Foundation Board in 2018-2019. 
Upon receiving her award, Chrissie shared her thoughts on CREW and the impact it has had on her career. “CREW Boston has played a very special role in my career and my life. Over the years I have benefited from being a part of CREW Boston’s numerous committees including co-chairing Programs & Seminars and Membership Committees, serving as a member of the Golf Committee, and serving on the CREW Boston Educational Foundation, most recently as Board President.  I truly believe in the Mentorship program and have been both a mentee and a mentor over the years.  It is through mentorship connections that I have built some of my strongest professional and personal relationships.”
The final award of the evening was presented to Claudia Piper, recipient of this year’s Leadership Award. This award recognizes a member who has inspired, motivated, and supported CREW Boston year after year and contributed her time, energy, and talents in leadership roles within the Greater Boston real estate community. Recipients of this award are some of the most well respected and committed women in our industry, and Claudia is no exception. As a Senior Vice President at Webster Bank, one of Boston’s premier lenders, Claudia is responsible for the New England team in Webster Bank’s Commercial Real Estate Group. She has more than 25 years of experience in real estate finance.  Prior to joining Webster, Claudia was a Senior Vice President at Capmark Bank. She has also worked in commercial real estate for Key Bank and Shawmut Bank in Boston. 
In addition, Claudia is a past President and former Board Member of CREW Boston.  She has also served on countless CREW Boston committees and participated as a mentor in our Mentor Program.  Claudia served as the President of REFA in 2020, leading the organization through the unprecedented time of the pandemic while also spearheading the most diverse Board of Directors in memory.   In 2021, she served as co-chair for the United Way Commercial Real Estate Breakfast.  Claudia is also actively involved with The Home for Little Wanderers. She holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Trinity College and an M.B.A. from Cornell University.  Claudia has been a tremendous role model to young women entering the field and her impact as a mentor, friend, and in the real estate industry is unmatched.
During her acceptance speech, Claudia spoke about her membership in CREW Boston and how it has influenced her career. “Networking has been fundamental to my success.  You need to work hard, but you need to pick your head up from your computer and look around at opportunities and connections inside and outside your company. CREW Boston and the networking that comes with being a member has been such an important element of my understanding that other women share similar challenges as me, of building my career confidence, creating an invaluable network, and making lifelong friends.”
CREW Boston is the region’s leading professional organization promoting the advancement of women within the commercial real estate industry. Since its creation in 1982, CREW Boston has been an important force behind the increasing success of women in New England’s real estate community. Currently, more than 450 women gain opportunities for professional growth and business development as members of this vital organization. CREW Boston’s goal has always been to provide professional support, development, education, encouragement, and networking opportunities to its members and the commercial real estate community.
Since 1996, CREW Boston has been a member of CREW Network, founded in 1989 to bring together women involved in the many aspects of commercial real estate to exchange information, develop business contacts, and help each other succeed professionally. Today, CREW Network is the premier business network dedicated to transforming the commercial real estate industry by advancing women globally.  We provide support to our 12,000 members worldwide through business networking, leadership development, industry research, and career outreach.

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