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Transit-Oriented Zoning – A look at the new high density zoning legislation and the impact on MBTA Communities

During this virtual event, we delved into the requirements of the new high density zoning law and what the various communities impacted will need to do to be compliant. This new legislation requires each MBTA community to create a multi-family high density zoning district to allow, as of right, multi-family housing within a half-mile of a train or bus station. 

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Confirmed Attending

  • Amanda Alberda
  • Michelle Apigian
  • Rebecca Bachand
  • Liz Blicher
  • Sarah Boehs
  • Donna Brown
  • laquisa burke
  • Wendy Cohen
  • Maria Deering
  • Ellen DeNooyer
  • Joan Falvey
  • amy farrell
  • Jennifer Flanders
  • Susam Gittelman
  • Jeanine Grachuk
  • Mika Gross
  • Liz Gruber
  • Michaela Herrmann
  • Sue Ellyn Idelson
  • Meg Kiely Close
  • Abby Krueger
  • Jennifer Kusek
  • Anne Lewis
  • Shauni Lynch
  • Kimberly Martin-Epstein
  • Berley McKenna
  • Roan Miles
  • Helga Namale
  • Kelly Nguyen
  • Kathleen O’Donnell
  • Kathleen O’Donnell
  • Shawna O'Neil
  • Noreen O'Toole
  • Teresa Patten
  • Elizabeth Peart
  • Ally Riley
  • Kathy Riley
  • Amanda Roe
  • Alisa Santos
  • Laura Shufelt
  • Simmee Silton
  • Gail Sullivan
  • Lynne Sweet
  • Sasha Weinreich
  • Jessica Welter
  • Alice Wong
  • Julia Wynyard