CREW Boston

Coffee & Conversation with Jessica DeVlieger, Global CEO of C-Space

On Thursday, April 13th, CREW Boston’s Meds & Eds hosted Jessica DeVlierger, Global CEO of C-Space, for an intimate conversation and interactive session about leadership. 

Guests listened while Jessica shared her own journey to leadership, touching upon her fear of failure as well as the career hurdles she faced on the road to success.  She discussed how she is shaping the workplace for future generations, stressing the importance of cultivating positive and inclusive environments. 

Attendees were also given the opportunity to participate in an activity where they reflected on their own leadership skills and growth areas.
Thanks to Jessica for sharing her inspiring story as well as the Foundation for letting us use their space.

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Confirmed Attending

  • Kristen Allison
  • Amy Apfelbaum
  • Amy Blomeke
  • Ariana Bond
  • Anne Brennan
  • Hannah Butler
  • Heather Campisano
  • Maddie Carens
  • Yanel de Angel
  • Maria Deering
  • Maria Deering
  • Aida Diakite
  • Brooke Duskin
  • Lindsay Garrard
  • Kaitlin Gordon
  • Shelly Gouin
  • Lauren Harness
  • Triona Heyes
  • Makella Houdagba
  • Cathrine Jansen
  • Eve Jeffries
  • Lindsey King
  • Menina Kocher
  • Nadin Kosedag
  • Talia Kudan Abad
  • Annie Langlois
  • Laura Maaskant
  • Ashley Maggiacomo
  • Maureen McCaffrey
  • Sarah McGillicuddy
  • Yureidy Medina
  • Molly Myers
  • Shahpar Negah
  • Jill Papagni
  • Ekta Patel
  • Tricia Pinto
  • Jennifer Platt
  • Emily Pope
  • Juliette Pucci
  • Kelly Puccia
  • Kelly Puccia
  • Amanda Roe
  • Leslie Saul
  • Pooja Sharma
  • Wally Shedd
  • Amanda Stanton
  • Jennifer Sutherby
  • Katie Thompson
  • Brenna Toomey
  • Casey Torto
  • Lindsie Tosca
  • katelyn vallery
  • Victoria Vernet
  • Kyle Warwick
  • Brynn Wendel
  • Brynn Wendel
  • Nadene Worth
  • Emily Zakrzewski