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2023 CREW Network Winter Leadership Summit

A contingent of seven CREW Boston members headed west to attend the first ever sold out CREW Network Leadership Summit. More than 400 CREW members from chapters globally descended on quirky Albuquerque January 25-27 for two inspirational, empowering days of sessions on leadership, brand building, and chapter management. The CREW Boston contingent included Barbara Oddo, Gayle Bourdeau, president Tricia Pinto, president-elect Maureen McCaffrey, Laca Wong-Hammond, Jennifer Sutherby, and delegate Dianne Crocker.

CREW Network’s new president Alyssa Dangler (CREW Coastal VA) kicked off the summit, taking the reins from outgoing president Barbi Reuter. Dangler introduced key focus areas for the global organization this year, including a renewed focus on sharing the myriad ways that CREW Network members do business together in big ways. Chapters are being encouraged this year to celebrate and highlight deals they’ve done with other members and highlight members’ successes. “When we do business together,” Dangler emphasized, “we build relationships that open doors that lead to better opportunities.” Kudos to CREW Boston’s Barbara Oddo who just took her new position on CREW Network’s Board of Directors this year.

The keynote speaker was brand-building coach Catie Campbell who took attendees through strategies for defining your own personal brand, rather than letting others define it for you (Did you know that 3 out of 5 employees in an organization mask who they really are?). “Emotional Intelligence,” Campbell noted, “is your superpower. If you learn how to manage your emotions and those around you, then you can be more successful.” After a terrific delegate dinner with CREW Boston’s board liaison Barbi Reuter, where we shared experiences from our chapters with other delegates, the event closed with a session on story telling and harnessing the power to share experiences and build stronger business connections.  

Upcoming initiatives/events:
  • Right now: Take CREW’s now-live survey on CRE market performance. The survey is part of CREW’s mission to collect industry data from members and feed it to the media. The first report will launch later this month.
  • For young professionals: CREW Network is hosting its first Emerging Leaders Retreat, a new program taking place May 10-12 in San Antonio. Designed for young leaders looking for an intense day and a half of leadership training.
  • Next Leadership Summit is in Oklahoma City on June 22-23. If anyone is thinking about attending, reach out to any of us who attended in Albuquerque and we’d be happy to share our experience! CREW Network - 2023 Spring
  • CREW Network Foundation is now hosting a new "Dream Big, Be Bold" campaign. With a $100 donation, you will receive this special, custom made, beautiful 25th CNF bracelet [see picture] and contributions go to important initiatives like the scholarship program which is giving away a record number of scholarships this year. 
  • CREW Atlanta is extremely excited to be the host city for this year’s CREW Network convention. It’s a terrific way, especially for our new members, to experience all that CREW Network offers first-hand and to meet members at other chapters globally. Dates are 9/20-22 in Atlanta and registration opens June 1st.


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