CREW Boston

Holiday Gift Wrapping Party to benefit the Carolina Hill Shelter

Each year during the holiday season, CREW Boston members donate and wrap presents for the residents of a local homeless shelter.  This year, members gathered to wrap gifts at a Wrapping Party hosted by the Community Involvement Committee and donated the wrapped gifts to the Carolina Hill Shelter in Marshfield.
The wrapping party was held on Wednesday, December 14th at the offices of Colliers International.  In total, CREW Boston members donated and wrapped presents for 17 families including 21 children and 20 adults.  The Holiday Wrapping party provided CREW Boston members with an opportunity to give back to the community and to network with fellow CREW Boston members during the holiday season.
Carolina Hill is a private, non-profit corporation operating as a transitional shelter for homeless families. Carolina Hill Shelter provides services that are designed to break the cycle of repeated homelessness experienced by many families.  Carolina Hill accommodates families with special needs (developmentally disabled or handicapped) and the average stay is six months.

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Confirmed Attending

  • Janet Bernardo
  • Teresa Betit
  • Gayle Bourdeau
  • Michelle Callahan
  • Erin Channel
  • Pat Cooper
  • Tammy Copson
  • Leslie D'Angelo
  • Liz Davis
  • Carolyn Desmond
  • Bonny Doorakian
  • Megan Fanning
  • Greta Garniss
  • Laura Garvey
  • Kerin Green
  • Laura Gregoriadis
  • Michaela Gross
  • Thea Hahn
  • Heather Hancock
  • Elyse Hanson
  • Kim Hickey
  • Despina Hixon
  • Karen Johnson
  • Anne Lewis
  • Linda Luo
  • Kathy McGilvray
  • Sheila Meader
  • Pam Messenger
  • Katelyn O'Brien
  • Jessica Park
  • Alicia Pouiliot-Cote
  • Patti Quint
  • Judy Ravech
  • Amanda Roe
  • Cassie Rosano
  • Lynn Scarbo
  • Jill Sharif
  • Lora Shea
  • Sarah Springer
  • Megha Vadula
  • Christine Vincenti
  • ali wannop