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2024 CREW Network Winter Leadership Summit

Nine CREW Boston members traded their winter boots for cowboy boots as they headed to Fort Worth for CREW Network’s Leadership Summit on February 8-9, 2024.  CREW Boston attendees included CREW Boston President Maureen McCaffrey, CREW Network Board Member Barbara Oddo, Isabel Acuna, Gayle Bourdeau, Dianne Crocker, Laura Domenico, Sarah McGillicuddy, Brianna Pinheiro, and Lisa Serafin.  The Boston delegation networked with members from around the globe over Mexican food, line dancing, and many productive meeting sessions.
CREW Network’s new President Karen Whitt kicked off the Summit, taking the reins from outgoing Present Alyssa Dangler.  She reviewed the key priorities of the Strategic Plan that include removing barriers, building global leaders, and making business connections as well as our core values of Inclusivity, Trust, Collaboration, and Influence.  The Network also welcomed Mexico City and Sarasota as the 80th and 81st chapters.  Members of the Boston team were also able to share best practices with other chapters in Presidents’, Network Board, Foundation Board, and Delegate breakout sessions and make new connections at Dine-Arounds.
Attendees heard from Merrick Rosenberg, award-winning author of “The Chameleon," who discussed how to tap into the power of your personality.  During his workshop, Merrick touched upon “Chameleon Leadership,” an approach that teaches current and future leaders how to flexibly adapt to the needs of their direct reports.  Merrick takes existing skills to the next level by linking four personality styles (Eagles, Parrots, Doves, and Owls) to a range of core leadership skills.  Since the most successful leaders are the most adaptable, Chameleon Leadership teaches managers how to adapt to the people who report to them to influence desired outcomes.  
There is a lot of opportunity to engage with the Network with highlights below.  All members are welcomed and encouraged to attend the CREW Network events.  If you have questions, please reach out to Laura or any of the women who attended Fort Worth.
Thanks CREW Fort Worth for having us!  We had a blast!

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