CREW Boston

2023 Mentor Program Kick-Off Lunch

Our 2023 Mentor Program Kick-Off Lunch was held on Tuesday, January 10th at TA Realty.  We had a great turnout with most of this year’s 50 Mentor Program participants in attendance.  

After opening remarks, participants introduced themselves to the group and shared positive mentorship experiences and goals for the current program.  Then, matches were given time to begin getting to know each other one on one and talk through individual goals.  In addition to getting to know their assigned matches, the program provided a great opportunity for networking among the full group. 

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Confirmed Attending

  • Michelle Apigian
  • Anna Beheshti
  • Anne Brennan
  • Hannah Butler
  • jennifer capobianco petras
  • Judy Cazeau
  • Kellie Coveney
  • Dianne Crocker
  • Aida Diakite
  • Theodora Dimov
  • Theodora Dimov
  • Theodora Dimov
  • Robyn Duffy
  • Robyn Duffy
  • Caroline Evans
  • Christine Flaherty
  • Shelly Gouin
  • Megan Hoover
  • Hannah Jacobs
  • Eve Jeffries
  • Lindsey King
  • Karla King
  • Nadin Kosedag
  • Kimberly Martin-Epstein
  • Gretchen McGill
  • Ashley Monahan
  • Jennifer Nasser
  • Alexandra Natsis
  • Carla Nelson
  • Kate O'Connor
  • Emily Paparella
  • Ekta Patel
  • Nicole Pratt
  • Juliette Pucci
  • Judy Ravech
  • Katherine Ricupero
  • Roxcell Rigby
  • Ally Riley
  • Alisa Santos
  • Leslie Saul
  • Melissa Schrock
  • Mariela Stoyanova
  • Hayley Suminski
  • Victoria Vernet
  • Chrissy Vincenti
  • Emily Violette
  • Jessica Wang