CREW Boston

Fireside Chat with Maureen McCaffrey

CREW Boston’s Meds & Eds and Development Project Management Group were so excited to host Maureen McCaffrey, CREW Boston President and Director at MIT Investment Management Company, for an intimate fireside Chat on January 25th, 2024. 
Moderated by Jocelyn Goglia, CREW Boston member and Director of Commercial Interiors at WS Development, Maureen shared her personal and professional story, the challenges she has navigated along the way, and her advice for the next generation of female leaders.
It was an inspirational and unforgettable night.  Thanks to Maureen and Jocelyn as well as Arup for letting us use their beautiful space and virtual fireplace!

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Confirmed Attending

  • Ellen Anselone
  • Amy Apfelbaum
  • Rebecca Bachand
  • Anna Beheshti
  • Rebecca Bentley
  • Emma Bilton
  • Hannah Bilton
  • Kelly Bliss
  • Amy Blomeke
  • Roberta Brien
  • Daria Bukesova
  • Allyson Callahan
  • Jacqui Cloutier
  • Sandi Cooper
  • Tora Coursey
  • Yanel de Angel
  • Emily Derrig
  • Leslie Doyle
  • Patricia Filippone
  • Kristen Flanagan
  • Jocelyn Goglia
  • Marya Gorczyca
  • Julia Gutierrez
  • Lauren Haggerty
  • Taylor Handy
  • Triona Heyes
  • Makella Houdagba
  • Rachel Igoe
  • Alisa Kahn
  • Hana Kolto Patsouris
  • Amy Korte
  • Winnie Kyi
  • Annie Langlois
  • Wanda Lee
  • Maureen McCaffrey
  • Gretchen McGill
  • Sarah McGillicuddy
  • Riley McMullan
  • Diane Milliken Schless
  • Amanda Millman
  • Carolyn Molloy
  • Kate Moran Carter
  • Ashley Morris
  • Kelly Nguyen
  • Cecilia O'Reilly Smith
  • Emily Paparella
  • Briana Pinheiro
  • Amy Prange
  • Anna Reiderman-Hickey
  • Jordana Roet
  • Hannah Schur
  • Mary Kay Smith
  • Mariela Stoyanova
  • Jennifer Sutherby
  • Kristin Valente
  • Kate Woodcome
  • Heena Wozny
  • Yu Yan