CREW Boston

CREW Boston Goes Gatsby

If you did not attend the CREW Boston Goes Gatsby Reception on July 28th, you missed a great event. Held at a newly opened high tech Sales Center for Pierce Boston in Fenway, the attendees had a chance to hear about one of Samuels & Associates latest (and tallest) projects, the Pierce Boston Tower and its effect on the Fenway neighborhood. The Sales Center features a fully decorated one bedroom model unit and common area library, as well as integrated “topo’ map of the project and its surrounding. Judy Nitsch shared details about the upcoming CREW Convention in New York City, and Gayle Bourdeau spoke about the CREW Network Foundation’s “A Little Party Never Hurt Nobody” evening event to benefit CREW Network Foundation that is scheduled for the Thursday night during the Convention. If you haven’t yet registered for the Convention, there is still time, and some of the excursions are still available.

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Event Registration is either not opened yet, already closed or not available for this event. Please contact with any questions.

Confirmed Attending

  • Rebecca Bachand
  • Gayle Bourdeau
  • Pat Cooper
  • susan davis
  • Melissa Desingco
  • Christine Elmore
  • Megan Fanning
  • Pam Fisher
  • Greta Garniss
  • Tracey Hartford
  • Heather er Hohenthal
  • Karen Hurd
  • Katherine Kenney
  • Mary Knasas
  • Loren Larsen
  • Katia Lucic
  • Nancy McCafferty
  • Abby Middleton
  • shahpar negah
  • Cara Nelson
  • Judy Nitsch
  • Barbara Oddo
  • Angela Pitter
  • Patti Quint
  • Leslie Saul
  • Joan Schneider
  • Jill Sharif
  • Lara Shuqom
  • Laurie Soave
  • Sophie Stein
  • Nadia Stoyanova
  • Katie Thomason
  • Christine Vincenti
  • Jessica Willhoft
  • Corrin Wolf