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Conversation with Dr. Atyia Martin

In July 2020, the Sustainability Group welcomed Dr. Atyia Martin back for the third time.  She was the first Chief Resilience Officer for the City of Boston as part of 100 Resilient Cities, and members of the Sustainability Group have been a sounding board and support system for her work. She led the development and implementation of Boston's initial resilience strategy which was the first one in the 100 Resilient Cities network to make racial equity, social justice, and social cohesion the foundation of building resilience across the city. She engaged over 12,000 people across government, community, businesses, and nonprofits to develop Resilient Boston: An Equitable, Connected City. SmartCities magazine selected Resilient Boston as the best resilience strategy of 2017 and the Center for American Progress featured it in its report A Framework for Local Action on Climate Change
Dr. Martin presented practical strategies for making our own organizations more inclusive and more resilient.

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