CREW Boston

Housing & Community Development Tour

Michelle Apigian of ICON architecture gave an overview of The Distillery in South Boston, the region’s first passive house apartment building, as part of the Housing and Community Development Committee’s annual Project Tour event. The site of the project is part of an historic rum distillery complex, which is being redeveloped with artist live/work studios, galleries and retail space and the new Distillery Building will use approximately 10% of the energy of a typical new building. Attendees also enjoyed a tour of the Patriot Homes, an affordable housing development for veterans and their families developed by South Boston NDC and Caritas Communities, Inc. This redevelopment project was completed in 2016 and transformed the former City of Boston D6 Police Station into 24 apartments, with a preference for U.S. military veterans.

After the project tour attendees gathered at a local South Boston restaurant, Coppersmith, for snacks, drinks, and networking. 


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Confirmed Attending

  • Michelle Apigian
  • Rebecca Bachand
  • Juliet Borja
  • Rebekah Bowie
  • Donna Brown
  • Wendy Cohen
  • Ellen Connolly
  • Eliza Datta
  • Jessica Dellert
  • Alicia Fannon
  • Susan Gittelman
  • Nancy Hogan
  • Judy Jacobson
  • Danielle Kinkel
  • Mary Knasas
  • Michelle Leibowitz
  • Elaine Magil
  • Nancy McCafferty
  • Tabetha McCartney
  • Kathryn Murphy
  • Kathleen O'Donnell
  • Andrea Orio
  • Teresa Patten
  • Amanda Roe
  • Rebecca Schofield
  • Karen Smith
  • Zoe Weinrobe