CREW Boston

Golf Clinic at Granite Links

CREW Boston hosted a golf clinic at Granite Links Golf Club in Quincy to help members improve their swing and short game.

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Event Registration is either not opened yet, already closed or not available for this event. Please contact with any questions.

Confirmed Attending

  • Talia Abrams-Kudan
  • Amanda Alberda
  • Ellen Anselone
  • Rachel Bandi
  • Maddie Carens
  • Pat Carlson
  • Maggie Collins
  • Mary Davis
  • Kayleigh Fraser
  • Shelly Gouin
  • Brittany Hampton
  • Michaela Herrmann
  • Karen Hurd
  • Danielle Justo
  • Elyse Kelley
  • Kaitlin Kincaid
  • Kimberly Martin-Epstein
  • Kathleen McAssey
  • Kimberley McKenna
  • Mary Patalita
  • Beth Pearcy
  • Nicole Pratt
  • jennifer capobianco Restoration
  • Catherine Sobchuk
  • Elizabeth Stanbrook
  • Emily Worcester