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Soil Management and Its Effect on CRE Webinar

On Thursday, June 1st, CREW Boston hosted a webinar on soil management and its effect on the commercial real estate industry.  In Massachusetts, it’s becoming increasingly challenging to manage excess soil generated during construction that requires off-site reuse, treatment, and/or disposal. Today, there are fewer facilities that will accept soil for reuse, treatment, and/or disposal within the Commonwealth, which is resulting in more soil being shipped out of state.

During the webinar, panelists Allyson Callahan, Project Manager at Turner Construction Company, Somala Diby, Assistant Project Manager at TLee Development LLC, Kelly McQueeney, Senior Project Manager, Remediation, at Harvard University, and Tricia Pinto, Senior Vice President and Principal at Sanborn, Head & Associates, Inc. discussed the everyday difficulties and challenges in dealing with the soil market. They provided examples of how soil management is impacting projects from a cost, schedule, planning, and overall earthwork strategy viewpoint.  Soil management challenges often have big impacts on the overall project budget and schedule, so the panelists stressed that early planning is imperative to the smooth execution of a construction project that will generate excess soil. 

Thanks to Allyson, Somala, Kelly, and Tricia for this lively and informative discussion.

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Confirmed Attending

  • Rebecca Bachand
  • Rebecca Bentley
  • Donna Brown
  • Daria Bukesova
  • Carla Cabral
  • Allyson Callahan
  • Tim Caplice
  • Judy Cazeau
  • Wendy Cohen
  • Maria de la Motte
  • Somala Diby
  • Corinne Disenhof
  • Marissa Fabrizio
  • Amy Falconeiri
  • Ileen Gladstone
  • Jennifer Kusek
  • Shannon LaMarre
  • Travis Lee
  • Travis Lee
  • Kristy Lyons
  • Kiele Mauricio
  • Kelly McQueeney
  • Liz Nyman
  • Noreen O'Toole
  • Tricia Pinto
  • Valerie Pontiff
  • Roxcell Rigby
  • Amanda Roe
  • Sara Roy
  • Wally Shedd
  • Lynne Sweet
  • Marcia Thornhill
  • Alex Toteva
  • Elizabeth Wright