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MGM Music Hall Fenway Tour

On Tuesday, March 28th, CREW Boston enjoyed an inside look of the recently opened MGM Music Hall at Fenway.  The MGM Music Hall is a state-of-the-art, multi-purpose performing arts center that occupies nearly 91,500 SF over four levels and accommodates 5,009 patrons. It offers a one-of-a kind experience for performers and audiences alike, with its stunning design and innovative features. This theater is a hub for musical performances and cultural events in Boston.  The theatre’s location within Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox baseball team, adds to its allure and provides a distinctive atmosphere that cannot be found in other venues.
The main lobby is a versatile space that serves multiple purposes. On certain occasions, it even includes a red-carpet area for special events. The coat check has a capacity of 1500 spaces, ensuring that everyone’s belongings are safely stored away.
The MGM Music Hall at Fenway Park offers a wide variety of seating options, including first floor, mezzanine level with boxes and mezzanine seats, curve level, and balcony level. The venue features eleven bars to cater to guests, including a rooftop bar that offers a stunning view. In addition to its entertainment offerings, the MGM Music Hall also provides a unique space for corporate events and conferences.
The main music hall floor is the heart of the action, with the stage standing tall, and a barricade set up for specific events. The first floor can seat up to 1,800 folks, with the full hall accommodating up to 2,800 individuals. Interestingly, the entire floor used to be the loading docks, with the stage situated in what was once a parking lot. With no seat being father than 110 feet from the stage, the acoustics are perfect for exceptional auditory experience. Screens aren’t necessary here as every floor has an excellent view of the action.
During an exclusive backstage and lounge tour, Michael Lamphier, SVP at JLL, and Maria Deckman, Project Manager for Gilbane Building Company discussed the complicated physical requirements that went into integrating the acoustical requirements of the structure with the pre-existing Fenway Park facilities. This was a challenging and demanding project, bringing something new to Boston with an impressive seating capacity. Behind the stage, you’ll find a lounge for the crew, a kitchen, and offices for the music company.
Whether you’re attending a concert, or a corporate event, the theatre provides a memorable experience that is sure to impress.
Following the tour, members enjoyed some socializing and networking at nearby Hojoko. 

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