CREW Boston

Anatomy of the Deal & Tour of Pierce Boston

Landmark Center
401 Park Drive, Boston MA 02215


CREW Boston invites you to join us as we explore the “Anatomy of the Deal.” We will look at Pierce Boston in Fenway as a case study, discussing the variety of stakeholders and tasks that go into making a project happen. There are dozens of niches within the landscape of real estate development. Our panel, moderated by Leslie Cohen of Samuels and Associates, will focus on several roles that are pivotal to each project: project and product creation, design and entitlements, capitalization, and marketing.  
If you’ve ever wondered how projects go from concept to completion, this program will give you a comprehensive overview of the real estate development process.
The panel will be followed by a tour of Pierce Boston and time for networking.
Moderator & Project Overview:
Leslie Cohen, Samuels & Associates
Kyle Juszczyszy, CBRE
Geoff Kaul, Samuels & Associates
Jed Lowry, Landsea
Joan Matera, JP Morgan
Susan McLaren, TCC Real Estate
5:30 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.  Registration
6:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.  Program
7:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.  Tour & Networking

Landmark Center
Ground Floor in the former Best Buy space
401 Park Drive, Boston MA
( The space which can be accessed through the lower level of Landmark Center Parking Garage or directly from the street at the corner of Park Street and Brookline Ave)

Members: $0
Non-Members: $20

Thank you to the Rising Leaders Group along with the Program, Seminar and Project Spotlight Committee for organizing this event.

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Confirmed Attending

  • Zoe Agnew
  • Halle Auerbach
  • Rebecca Bachand
  • sarah belanger
  • Amy Blomeke
  • Gayle Bourdeau
  • Rebekah Bowie
  • Samuelle Boyer
  • Rachel Brewster
  • Ashley Brooks
  • Hillary Brown
  • Jessica Burdin
  • Esther Byun
  • Kurt Chisholm
  • Courtnae Currie
  • Audra Dainora
  • Leslie D'Angelo
  • Anna Dastgheib-Beheshti
  • Jessica Dellert
  • Ellen DeNooyer
  • Melissa Desingco
  • lisa donfrancesco
  • Samantha Elfland
  • Christine Elmore
  • Megan Fanning
  • Alicia Fannon
  • Pam Fisher
  • Christine Flaherty
  • Kelsey Flannery
  • Laura Garvey
  • Gemma Geldmacher
  • Susan Gittelman
  • Mallory Gonzalez
  • Sarah Greco
  • Kerin green
  • Laura Gregoriadis
  • Sarah Grella
  • Grace Hagemann
  • Elyse Hanson
  • Brenda Haraldstad
  • Tracey Hartford
  • Despina Hixon
  • Heather Hohenthal
  • Kaoutar Hou
  • Judy Jacobson
  • Briana Kan
  • Kaitlin Kincaid
  • Kim Kingston
  • Kathleen Joyce Kusiak
  • Sarah Lawson
  • Beatriz Lopez
  • Linda Luo
  • Enyo M Frimpong
  • Gretchen McGill
  • Christine McVay
  • Barbara Nazarewicz
  • Brian Oberg
  • Barbara Oddo
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  • Colleen Pentland Lally
  • Janet Pirrello
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  • Cassie Rosano
  • Stan Sadkowski
  • Sarah Scheffel
  • Jackie Schroeder
  • Julie Schultz
  • Viviana Scrugli
  • Jill Sharif
  • Kate Shepard
  • Aislynn Sherry
  • Lauren Shurtleff
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  • Ariella Stober
  • Margo Sulmont
  • Constance Theodossiou
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  • Lauren Vargas
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