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Tour of Boston Landing

In May, members got an inside tour at Jim Davis’ vision to turn Boston Landing into a premier, world-class wellness hub with Erin Harvey, NB Development Group. Now home to New Balance’s World Headquarters, the practice facilities for both the Boston Bruins at Warrior Ice Arena and the Boston Celtics at The Auerbach Center and a carefully curated offering of retail shops and restaurants, Mr. Davis’s vision will culminate in the delivery of The TRACK at new balance, a hydraulically banked track with seating capacity for up to 5,000 spectators. With the recent announcement of The Bowery Presents, a live music venue in the heart of the project, Boston Landing has emerged as one of Boston’s premier work, live and play communities. 

After the tour, we continued the networking at Flatbread Company co-hosted by NB Development Group and Elkus Manfredi.

Boston Landing is a mixed-use development encompassing approximately 15 acres of land along the Massachusetts Turnpike in Boston’s Brighton neighborhood. Located along Guest Street, the site is a former industrial area that once served as the region’s largest stockyard. Featuring best-in-class office, lab, retail, fitness and multi-family properties, Boston Landing is also easily accessible to public transit via the recently opened Boston Landing commuter rail station. 

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