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May Luncheon Program with Kendalle Burlin O’Connell, MassBio

Boston Harbor Hotel, Wharf Room
70 Rowes Wharf, Boston MA


Join us at our May Luncheon Program for a dynamic fireside chat with MassBio's President and COO Kendalle Burlin O'Connell. Kendalle will share her vision for the future of Life Sciences in the region, the opportunities and challenges the industry faces, as well as how cites and towns can be more attractive to life science developers and tenants. Kendalle will be joined by Melisa Tintocalis, Economic Development Director with the Town of Burlington.

As President and COO, Kendalle Burlin O'Connell leads the strategic direction, global expansion, and business operations of the organization ensuring that MassBio offers the greatest value to its members and that Massachusetts life sciences companies have the best environment possible to research, develop, and commercialize breakthrough therapies and cures for people around the world who need and deserve them.

Kendalle first came to MassBio in 2008 as Director of Purchasing and Strategic Alliance. She was promoted to Vice President of Member Services and General Counsel in 2012, then promoted to the organization’s first-ever Chief Operating Officer in February 2019. Throughout her tenure at MassBio, Kendalle has played a critical role in the growth of MassBio’s membership supporting its expansion to become the largest life sciences trade association in the world with over 1,500 members. Kendalle has overseen the rebrand of a number of MassBio’s core programs and services, including the MassBio Edge, MassBio’s savings and rewards program, and its expansion into other New England states by building valuable partnerships with the supplier community and creating MassBio’s highly-rated Employee Rewards program. She also led the development of the MassBioHub, MassBio’s conference and business center, and the creation of MassBio’s 2025 State of Possible Report. In 2019, Kendalle commenced a multi-year digital health initiative to support the convergence of digital tech and the life sciences in Massachusetts. And in 2022, Kendalle was instrumental in the launch of MassBio’s newest entrepreneurial accelerator program, MassBioDrive and in 2021 MassBio’s Partnering Week, an initiative to bring together established biopharma companies with early-stage startups and academic institutions.

Melisa Tintocalis is a planning and public administration professional with expertise in economic development, real estate analysis, land use analysis, and public sector management. She is an experienced project manager who specializes in complex public policy initiatives that require creative problem solving and consensus building. Melisa is recognized for her people skills and her enthusiastic team-oriented approach. She has a proven track record of effectively managing staff and believes in getting results through a collaborative approach. Melisa is passionate about smart growth, promoting meaningful social connections and facilitating civic engagement - these are the guiding principles of her work. In 2020, Melisa was offered a position with the Town of Burlington to build a framework for the Town’s long-term economic development strategy. In her new role, Melisa oversees various initiatives focused on retrofitting suburbia, placemaking, workforce development, and shop local efforts. Her work integrates urban planning policy, real estate economics, and economic development.

Prior to joining the Town of Burlington, Melisa was the Economic Development Director for Lexington, MA leading a team on development and tourism initiatives, bringing to fruition the development of Lexington's new Visitor Center. Previously, Melisa worked as the Principal Economic Development Planner for the City of Somerville, where she worked on a variety of economic development initiatives to support local businesses and encourage new commercial investment in targeted areas in preparation for the Green Line Extension. Over the course of her experience, Melisa has specifically enjoyed real estate development attending real estate finance courses and working with a local business partner on the renovation of a small-scale residential project - she worked to secure the permitting, develop the design, and worked with multiple contractors. The home sold in Spring, 2019
11:30 a.m. Networking & Registration outside (weather permitting)
12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m. Program

Boston Harbor Hotel, Wharf Room
Rowes Wharf, Boston MA

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