CREW Boston

Roles in Real Estate - Operating the Asset...and Beyond

Hosted by the Rising Leaders and the Development Project Management Group, this in-person event was the last of a 3-part panel series that demystified the roles of key players involved in the development process. 
For Part 3, Operating the Asset...and Beyond, panelists included Erin Harvey of EQT Exeter; Molly Kalan of Samuels & Associates; Barbara Oddo of Tishman Speyer, and Kayleigh Fraser of MillerKnoll. Each panelist shared their backgrounds and personal experiences in the development process followed by networking and Q & A from the audience.
Thank you to Samuels & Associates for the use of your beautiful rooftop terrace.  It was a great night for networking and we couldn’t have asked for better weather!

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Confirmed Attending

  • Yahaira Acuna
  • Rebecca Bachand
  • Elizabeth Barres
  • Anna Beheshti
  • Liz Berthelette
  • Amy Blomeke
  • Kasey Boxleitner
  • Maddie Carens
  • Kara Chiccarelli
  • Maggie Collins
  • Abigail Day
  • Sienna DeSantis
  • Elizebeth Fiscus
  • Kayleigh Fraser
  • Mika Gross
  • Brianne Gump
  • Abigail Hammett
  • Erin Harvey
  • Michaela Herrmann
  • Eliza Hughes
  • Kerrie Julian
  • Molly Kalan
  • Talia Kudan Abad
  • Victoria Luchi
  • Adriana Major
  • Caroline` Miller
  • Molly Myers
  • Helga Namale
  • Barbara Oddo
  • Katie pedersen
  • Kelly Puccia
  • Trevor Smith
  • Trevor Smith
  • Catherine Sobchuk
  • Lissette Taborda
  • Amel Vernon