CREW Boston

Dine Around at Za

CREW Boston’s Membership Committee hosted some intimate Dine Arounds throughout the month of May.  On Wednesday, May 10th, members gathered in Cambridge at EVOO, but due to a snafu by the restaurant’s bookkeeping,  they ended up at EVOO’s sister restaurant, Za, instead! A change of venue didn’t stop the group from having a great time!  Attendees indulged on some delicious salads, pizza, and beers and enjoyed some wonderful conversation! 

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Confirmed Attending

  • Katherine Barrett
  • Kristin Blount
  • Maria de la Motte
  • Caitlin Garvey
  • Nayeon Hong
  • Pamela Kustas
  • Katelyn O'Brien
  • Wally Shedd
  • Sarah Showalter
  • Aly Stein
  • Brenna Toomey
  • Alexis Vieira