CREW Boston

2024 CREW Network Emerging Leaders Retreat

CREW Boston members Ashley Maggiacomo and Tatyana Drobov headed to Phoenix, AZ for the CREW Network Emerging Leaders Retreat on May 15-17. This exceptional networking and leadership development program, intended for CRE professionals 35 and under, focuses on individual growth with assessment-based leadership development while providing practical strategies and team focused activities for all participants; all while creating a network of women who will be your future collaborators, peers, and colleagues. 
During the retreat, attendees heard from speakers Joan Fletcher, Merrick Rosenberg, Stacey McKibbin, and Wendy Mann.  All touched on topics surrounding how to better know yourself and others, and how that knowledge can make you a better leader.
Some key takeaways included:
  • If you can identify a person's communication style, you can reframe your delivery to better suit them.
  • We tend to create environments where WE would thrive, but we should be creating environments where our TEAM will thrive.
  • The importance of being self-aware & having awareness for others.
  •  Slowing down now enhances productivity later.
  • Reframing your mindset can change any interaction for the better (and you always have the power to do this for yourself).

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