CREW Boston

Mid-Professional Meetup: Career Lessons Through Stories

CREW Boston’s Rising Leaders Group hosted members for an informal, round-table discussion on Tuesday, May 7th as part of their “Mid-Professional Meetup” Series.  During this second session, attendees discussed “Career Lessons Through Stories,” diving into challenges we all face at work and personal accounts of how to move through them with grace and a sense of empowerment.  The biggest takeaways included:
  • The benefits of asking for feedback.
  • The benefits of over-communication, instead of assumption of understanding.
    • This is especially important in times when you are not feeling heard.
    • Asking questions to confirm you are understood and that someone understands you.
  • The importance of celebrating things you are proud of.
    • You are not bragging to share if you have been recognized.
    • Accomplishments should be celebrated!
The chairs are looking forward to continuing the series and are currently planning session 3.  Please stay tuned for updates on the next scheduled discussion!  Also, thanks to Savills for hosting us!

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Confirmed Attending

  • Katherine Barrett
  • Becca Brooker
  • Ashley Cormier
  • Tora Coursey
  • Megan Denison
  • Emily Derrig
  • Sienna DeSantis
  • Janay Hull
  • Eve Jeffries
  • Emily Jenkins
  • Maddie Johnson
  • Laura Kaplan
  • Nadin Kosedag
  • AshleyAs Maggiacomo
  • Kelly O'Connor
  • Elizabeth “Ellie” Sheild
  • Catherine Sobchuk
  • Laurel Tessier