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​Where There's Chaos - There's Opportunity!

Members of the Entrepreneur Exchange Group aren’t strangers to chaos: many of us started our companies during layoffs or recessions. But what do we do in the face of global pandemic?

Keeping teams engaged and accountable seems to be the biggest challenge of the COVID era. Several members are having all-staff meetings every day but Friday to keep everyone connected, adding weekly Project team meetings with their clients for a 15-minute check-in. 

Many have expanded their use of technology, starting, or joining podcasts, and upping their social media games. Make sure you’re following your fellow CREW members on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and your favorite podcast service!

Let’s not forget the self-care aspect of the “new normal.” With increased screen time and the lack of social interaction, many have found that scheduling a mental health break in the middle of the day for a walk, yoga, pilates, or simply lunch away from their desks refreshes them for the rest of the day. 

Members also shared sources for succession planning, second home purchases or swaps, cocktail recipes, COVID-19 tests, and craft beer. Clearly these are women with varied interests and resources! 

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