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How Are YOU Looking at Year End

Whew! The Entrepreneur Exchange Group did not hesitate to share information on their November 16th Zoom Call! The roundtable format invited a range of topics, stemming from each member's introductory comments.

Overall, members don't see the multiunit housing market -- particularly the affordable rental and home ownership side -- slowing down, noting, "the need is still there, the money's still there."

Several members reported that design and pre-construction projects that had yet to start have been put on hold through the new year.

On the construction side, the food sector is staying strong, as we all still want our coffees and snacks, but the office market is softest. Shared office space is maxed out, for all the past talk of its demise. It seems to be the perfect fit for large companies that need flexible work space for employees as they embrace hybrid work shifts.

With the recent election results and financials seemingly stabilizing, members are optimistic that a downturn will be short lived. The hot tip was to watch the rental market over the next 6 months. Will rents start to adjust as other industries pull back?

Talk turned to employee retention and the use of raises, bonuses, and more unique "gifts" or activities to help employees feel valued and seen. Recognizing individual interests and adding paid time off have been found to hit home with members' staff.

We also welcomed a new student member, who may have found herself an internship during the call!

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