CREW Boston

From Vacancy to Vibrancy: Office to Residential Building Conversions

CREW Boston’s Housing and Community Development Committee (HCDC) hosted  an in-person presentation on “From Vacancy to Vibrancy: Office to Residential Building Conversions,” featuring guest speaker Todd Dundon, Principal at Gensler.  
Members listened to Gensler discuss the difficulties building owners and developers are facing - the challenge of what to do with Class B and C office buildings that sit vacant as tenants flock to more modern, amenity-rich properties. While some older buildings can be renovated to increase their appeal, others are more suited for conversion to first-class residential buildings. To help clients assess their properties and get the most return on their investment, Gensler developed a universal scorecard that can quickly assess which buildings may be candidates for efficient conversions from office to residential.
A big thanks to Gensler for an informative presentation as well as Perkins&Will for letting us use their space!

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Confirmed Attending

  • Donna Brown
  • Daria Bukesova
  • Anisha Gade
  • Elizabeth Gruber
  • Laura Homich
  • Megan Hoover
  • Nidhi John
  • Lindsey King
  • Jennifer Kusek
  • Jennifer Kusek
  • Amanda Kutia
  • Jennifer McGrory
  • Berley McKenna
  • Teresa Patten
  • Chloe Poole
  • Sarah Rhatigan
  • Amanda Roe
  • Lynne Sweet