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The Balancing Act: Financial Strategies for the Mid-Career Professionals

Boston, MA

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Please join us for an evening of education, idea-sharing, future planning and networking with fellow fabulous women.
  • Are you planning for Retirement by Design? Or worried about Retirement by Default?
  • There are multiple phases to retirement planning; saving/investing, transitioning, and withdrawing are the 3 biggest known elements, what else do you need to be aware of?
  • Let’s talk about the different phases and the Do’s and Don’ts that help make a successful and stress-free retirement possible.
We will discuss and dig into the following with Cathy Burgess, Vice President and Financial Advisor with Wells Fargo Advisors:
  • How much should you have at various age intervals?
    • Not everyone starts saving at 21……Do you know where you stand with your savings?
      • Is there 1 right Number for everyone based on Age?
    • Why is there a difference between your strategy at 25, 45, 55, 65?
      • Note: There is
  • How much is right for you?
    • Married Or Not Married?
    • Children or No Children?
    • Foreign or Domestic? (Retirement Living Location)
  • How do you approach the Social Security Question?
    • DO you know the consequences of early withdrawals?
    • What are the benefits of waiting even 1 year?
    • IF you are married or have been married at some point for more than 10 years you may be eligible for Spousal or Survivor Benefits.
  • If you choose to retire before 65, how to plan to pay for healthcare?
    • How do you prepare for HealthCare expenses in Retirement?
  • If you own a business, how do you monetize that business?
    • How does Ownership become cash flow?
    • What does Business Transition look like?

Cathy Burgess is Vice President and Financial Advisor with Wells Fargo Advisors in Boston, MA. With 25 years of experience Cathy has gathered experience and knowledge in many areas of the investment and financial world. Cathy started her Financial Advisor practice at Morgan Stanley in 2010, before joining Wells Fargo Advisors in 2015. Her experience includes position with Dreyfus/BNY Mellon, Evergreen Investments, and Fidelity Investments.  Evidence of Cathy’s commitment to advanced education in Personal Finance include her various credentials such as; Certified Financial Planner TM, Retirement Income Certified Professional TM, and Accredited Domestic Partner Advisor designations. 

In her role as a Financial Advisor, Cathy works with her clients to develop customized plans to accumulate wealth, plan for retirement and other large goals, manage both personal and professional debt liabilities, and transition to the retirement each client(s) has designed for themselves.

Outside the office, Cathy enjoys being active in the community as well as working on her golf game during the warmer months. In the winter you’ll find Cathy planning for her next adventure whether traveling, mastering a new recipe in the kitchen or exploring the underwater world of snorkeling and scuba diving. Most importantly Cathy enjoys helping her clients navigate the differences of when you need to get over the water, and not under the water.
4:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. Networking
5:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. Program

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