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Turner: Creating a Green Culture in Construction

Abby Roberts and Caroline Murry from Turner Construction shared both an overview and details of Turner Construction’s company-wide commitment to sustainability.  Turner has committed to reduce CO2 emissions and water consumption on job sites by 50% by 2030. There is a Chief Sustainability Officer as a member of Tuner’s Executive team with sustainability representatives in all of Turner’s 50+ offices.  There are numerous committees allowing opportunities for employees with varying backgrounds to get involved. 

Turner has begun a metering program to set their CO2 emissions baseline and measure future improvement, with (55) projects online so far. This provides the data required to influence where to concentrate efforts to make the most impactful reductions.  Turner is a catalyst in research and development related to reducing energy during the construction process.  For example, they worked with their construction lighting manufacturer to create motion switches for site lighting.  Greenhouse gases generated on site are reduced by looking for electric-powered equipment, right-sizing the equipment (using a crane that is only as tall as needed for the task at hand) and prohibiting delivery vehicles from idling.  In addition to being conscientious global citizens, Turner has found that their commitment to sustainability is an asset when recruiting young professionals.  It is the number one question young professionals ask when deciding among career options.


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