CREW Boston

What Happens When Developing Affordable Housing Is No Longer Affordable?

CREW Boston’s Housing & Community Development Committee hosted a Zoom Roundtable to discuss the important topic, “What Happens When Developing Affordable Housing is No Longer Affordable.” 
Attendees discussed how affordable housing developments in the pipeline and under construction are confronting the dual challenge of rising construction costs and interest rates, creating a perfect storm that has left some projects stalled, some developing new best practices to control costs, and others delving into redesign far beyond traditional value engineering to move the needle forward.

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Confirmed Attending

  • Amanda Alberda
  • Michelle Apigian
  • Rebecca Bachand
  • alma balonon-rosen
  • Lisa Barry
  • Ariana Bond
  • Donna Brown
  • Maura Camosse Tsongas
  • Laura Cella-Mowatt
  • Wendy Cohen
  • Abigail Day
  • amy farrell
  • Deborah Favreau
  • Lindsay Garrard
  • Shelly Gouin
  • Jeanine Grachuk
  • Triona Heyes
  • Karen Hurd
  • Lindsey King
  • Leslie Kivitz
  • Carrie Knudson
  • Menina Kocher
  • Amy Korte
  • Jennifer Kusek
  • Maggie Laracy
  • Anne Lewis
  • Christine Madore
  • Maria Maffei
  • Kimberly Martin-Epstein
  • Jo-Ann Marzullo
  • Shabnam Mashmasarmi
  • Tabetha McCartney
  • Kathy McGilvray
  • Berley McKenna
  • Angela Meehan
  • Valerie Moore
  • Stephanie Moresco
  • Shahpar Negah
  • Carla Nelson
  • Kelly Nguyen
  • Beth O'Donnell
  • Emily Paparella
  • Sarah Rhatigan
  • Kathy Riley
  • Kathy Riley
  • Alisa Santos
  • Simmee Silton
  • Jennifer Sutherby
  • Lynne Sweet
  • Christine Tran
  • Emily Violette
  • Sasha Weinreich
  • Jessica Welter