CREW Boston

Taste of CREW & Chocolate

On Tuesday October 24th, 2023, CREW Boston’s Membership Committee hosted a “Taste of CREW and Chocolate,” in Sasaki’s beautiful office space.  Attendees were treated to a delicious chocolate tasting by Cocoa Beantown, a local, women-owned, small business, and learned how to identify and appreciate quality, craft chocolate.
In addition to sampling some delicious chocolates, members and guests had time to network and learn more about the various committees and groups CREW has to offer.  It was a terrific night to enjoy a Taste of CREW and Chocolate!
A special thanks to Victoria from Cocoa Beantown for her time and mouthwatering chocolates.  For more information on Cocoa Beantown or the chocolates we sampled, please see the links below:
Cocoa Beantown:
Goodnow Farms:
Castronovo Chocolate:
Sotto Chocolate:
Ethereal Craft Chocolate:

Register Online

Event Registration is either not opened yet, already closed or not available for this event. Please contact with any questions.

Confirmed Attending

  • Samira Ahmadi
  • Sara Appell
  • Rebecca Bachand
  • Johnna Barry
  • Haley Beeten
  • Janet Bernardo
  • Gayle Bourdeau
  • Meg Buczynski
  • Bernadette Butterfield
  • Heidi Cashman
  • Tanya Chiari
  • Tora Coursey
  • Jessica Early
  • Charmi Goli
  • Megan Hamilton
  • Maddie Johnson
  • Amy Korte
  • Allie Kronthal
  • Talia Kudan Abad
  • Jennifer Kusek
  • Abigail LaFontan
  • Catherine Lewis
  • Leah Ligotti
  • Ashley Maggiacomo
  • Adriana Major
  • Shannon McCarthy
  • Sarah McGillicuddy
  • Olivia Messenger
  • Pam Messenger
  • Tanya Mitchell
  • Jennifer Nasser
  • Liz Nyman
  • Sarah Nyren
  • Katelyn O'Brien
  • Jill Papagni
  • Emily Paparella
  • Megan Punzak
  • Sydnee Sachtleben
  • Lisa Serafin
  • Laurel Tessier
  • Bisera Thaci
  • Grace Thawley
  • Lindsey Tirrell
  • Simena Tsalkos
  • Elizabeth Venuti
  • Emily Violette
  • Elizabeth von Goeler
  • Natasha Winter