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Getting the Most Out of Attending a Convention - Roundtable Lunch with CREW Boston

With over 50 members attending the 2016 CREW Network Convention & Marketplace in New York at the end of October, over 30 members met for lunch at Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company to share information about the upcoming Convention. Below is some of the helpful information that was shared to prepare yourself for attending the convention.

The attire, which is business casual (with the exception of the Thursday night events,  where you are welcome to wear cocktail/20s theme attire, if you so choose). Since the temperature in meeting rooms may vary, layers are suggested.

The following 2 apps (for both iOS and Android devices) are available to download and be very helpful:
      CREW 2016 – the Convention App that allows you to access the schedule, list of attendees, and other important information about the Convention; and
      CREWbiz App that allows you to access the CREWBiz Mobile Member Directory (you will need to login to access the data).
For those arriving on Tuesday, we hope you took advantage of purchasing the tickets to Kinky Boots; registration is now closed, but if anyone can’t use their ticket or wants a ticket, let us know and we will try to help.
On Wednesday, please note that while there is no formal dinner on Wednesday, there will be plenty of food at the CREW Network Marketplace and Reception (you will also be getting a ticket for 1 or 2 drinks at Registration as well).
Also on Wednesday, following the CREW Network Marketplace and Reception,  all CREW Boston members have been invited to attend Distinguished Leaders Roundtable, which starts at 7:15 p.m. 
On Thursday CREW Network is holding a Putting on the Ritz “Gail-a” – a farewell reception and dinner celebration for Gail Ayers, who is retiring this year. Everyone is invited. Suggested dress code as per the schedule is cocktail attire. The “Gail-a” is followed by “A Little Party Never Hurt Nobody” – a fundraiser hosted by Steelcase Work Life Center with proceeds going to benefit the CREW Network Foundation.  Pre-registration is required. Tickets are still available, so please consider attending this event.
On Thursday, before “Gail-a”,  we will be taking our group photo around 6 p.m., most likely in the area of the Grand Ballroom, so that we go into the reception right after we take the photo.  I will confirm the specifics later but please plan to be available by 6 pm.; and
Last but not least, please remember to bring plenty of business cards – you will need them! So even if you think you have enough, grab more. You will not regret it as you will use them during the Marketplace and throughout the Convention.

Register Online

Event Registration is either not opened yet, already closed or not available for this event. Please contact with any questions.

Confirmed Attending

  • Rebecca Bachand
  • Gayle Bourdeau
  • Kathryn Brown
  • Pat Carlson
  • Leslie Cohen
  • Pat Cooper
  • Dianne Crocker
  • Melissa Desingco
  • Megan Fanning
  • Pam Fisher
  • Laura Gregoriadis
  • Tracey Hartford
  • Karen Hurd
  • Dani Justo
  • Elizabeth Krol
  • Abby Middleton
  • Cara Nelson
  • Holly Nelson
  • Katelyn O'Brien
  • Joan Parsons
  • Susan Phillips
  • Janet Pirrello
  • Patti Quint
  • Judy Ravech
  • Sophie Stein
  • Hayley Suminski
  • Katie Thomason
  • Christine Vincenti