CREW Boston

End of Summer Networking Reception

Hosted by CREW Boston and SIOR New England, members celebrated happy hour outside on the Newton Marriot Patio.  Sponsored by ARCO, participants enjoyed some face-to-face socially distant networking while overlooking the Charles River.

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Event Registration is either not opened yet, already closed or not available for this event. Please contact with any questions.

Confirmed Attending

  • Rebecca Bachand
  • Julie Brown
  • Priscilla Burnsed
  • Judy Cazeau
  • Jennifer Christakes
  • Dianne Crocker
  • Amy R Daniels
  • Lisa DonFrancesco
  • Pam Fisher
  • Julie Freshman
  • Shelly Gouin
  • Tracey Hartford
  • Kerry Hawkins
  • Karen Hurd
  • SueEllyn Idelson
  • Elizabeth Krol
  • Maureen Maas
  • Ashley Maggiacomo
  • Tabetha McCartney
  • Jameel Moore
  • Cristina Napoli
  • Judy Nitsch
  • Lauren Paton
  • Tricia Pinto
  • Allison Rojas
  • Kim Walters
  • Clara Wineberg