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Industry Update: How the Pandemic has Accelerated Shifts in all Market Segments

Boston, MA


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The commercial real estate industry has seen significant impact to all market segments due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It has been difficult to anticipate what the demands of tenants, companies, consumers, and residents will require in a post-pandemic world. Julia Georgules, Senior Director of Research at JLL will help quantify what specific metrics have led to an acceleration in change in various sectors and provide an overview on what we can expect to see in the year ahead at September’s Luncheon.   
How did the immediate need for improved technology impact the industry? Will the demand for Life Science and lab space taper off or continue to be a leading market for investors?  How have millennial lifestyles and needs changed with a work from home culture? Has traditional retail shifted due to a significant push to online shopping and in store pick up? Are employees’ desire to work from home driving down demand for office space? How has the Boston market weathered in comparison to the national and global real estate markets? 
About the Speaker 
Julia Georgules, Senior Director of Research, at JLL oversees the research platform across the Eastern United States and Canada. Based in Boston, Julia also leads JLL’s New England research team after having spent a decade with JLL in various research roles based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. Julia is responsible for the development and implementation of best-in-class research programs that serve to advise the real estate strategies of JLL’s top investor and occupier clients.  

Additionally, Julia also co-leads JLL’s Technology Research Group, which authors national research publications focused on the technology industry, including both its impact and opportunity within real estate markets in the United States, and authors numerous other publications related to workplace trends, talent & demographics, life sciences, and the future of work.
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