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Insider's Tour of Raffles Boston

On September 27th, CREW Boston members were treated to a project tour of Boston’s newest hotel – Raffles Hotel in Back Bay.  In a presentation by Jordan Warshaw, President of The Noannet Group, we were given a fascinating insight into the incredible journey behind the development of Raffles Hotel in Boston, a towering achievement that now stands at an impressive 394 feet. The project, which was acquired as an 8-story building, evolved into a magnificent 35- story landmark. Jordan Warshaw, partnered with Gary Saunders of the Saunders Hotel Group and Cain International, together endeavored to create something truly special right in the shadow of the iconic Hancock Tower. As they progressed into the development, Raffles was the perfect brand to identify with this building. Raffles has no U.S. presence, but that will change this year. The result is a stunning hotel that not only offers accommodations but also a beacon of hospitality in the heart of Boston.
This hotel hosts a total of 147 hotel rooms, from 6th to 14th floor. Additionally, from 20th to 34th floor, 146 exquisite residences provide a unique opportunity for residents to live with breathtaking views of the city. One of the hotel’s standout features is the Portuguese fine dining restaurant, “Amar”. For a more relaxed atmosphere, the Long Bar & Terrace offers a perfect setting to unwind. And, of course, there’s a cool cocktail lounge that proudly serves the famous Singapore Sling, as well as the Speakeasy, where guests can enjoy cocktails at its finest. We were informed that the development of the project involved extensive structural work and design work, complex legal proceedings, and unique approach to maximize the available space. 
During the tour, we had an opportunity to explore the variety of accommodations that Raffles Boston has to offer. This included the exquisite hotel rooms, luxurious suites, residences, and the unique “pied-a-terre” apartments located on the 15th and 16th floors of the building (ranging from 430-630 Sq Ft). The Pied-à-Terre homes are perfect for those who frequently visit the city for short stays. The residences were elegant and comfortable. We also saw the wellness spa and the state-of-the-art fitness center, which were wonderful. 
After the tour, we were graciously escorted to the Long Bar, where CREW Boston members enjoyed cocktails and engaged in networking, all while savoring breathtaking views of Boston.

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