CREW Boston

Entrepreneur Exchange Group

Entrepreneur Exchange Group
Co-Chairs: Rebecca Bachand | Johnna Barry | Pam Fisher 
Do you see a need – any need – and fill it?

This is the true definition of “entrepreneur,” according to

This group brings together CREW Boston members to discuss the expertise, business, product, brand building, risks, prospects, and return on investment involved with owning, managing, and/or growing a business.

Do you want to take on more, or become more entrepreneurial?

Here we learn from each other’s experiences, particularly those matters that are unique to business owners, leaders, principals, and managers. Programs explore issues identified by the group as critical to the entrepreneur -- human resources, employment law, time management, goal setting and accountability -- and offer creative solutions to shared issues.

Roundtable conversations are led by group members or relevant industry experts from various market sectors. Members meet monthly at the offices of Construction Coordinators, Inc. 12:00-1:30 p.m. for a brown bag lunch.