CREW Boston

CREW Network Committee

CREW Network Committee
Co-Chairs: Julie Chase | Dianne Crocker | Lisa Serafin 

The CREW Network Committee is the liaison between CREW Boston and the CREW Network, a global network consisting of over 75 chapters and more than 12,000 members world wide.
This committee focuses on increasing member awareness of CREW Network benefits and the CREW Network Foundation. It emphasizes opportunities to interact with CREW members for business or pleasure, and encourages CREW Boston members to actively participate in CREW Network events, programs and committees and to donate to the CREW Network Foundation. 
This committee holds monthly lunch meetings and also organizes several networking events throughout the year to facilitate personal and professional relationships among CREW Boston members as well as to provide information about the value that CREW Network offers.  This committee is also tasked with assisting CREW Boston members with preparation for attending CREW Network’s annual national convention.   All CREW Boston members seeking to build their networks both locally within CREW Boston and nationally through CREW are encouraged to join.