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Prior Events

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  • Reuse, Tear Down or Rebuild?, Understanding the Impact of Embodied Carbon  Comparing Options for Historic Retrofit in Boston

    Reuse, Tear Down or Rebuild?, Understanding the Impact of Embodied Carbon Comparing Options for Historic Retrofit in Boston

    Michelle Lambert and her colleague, Kristen Fritsch, Sustainability Coordinator at Elkus Manfredi Architects, gave us an overview of why measuring embodied carbon is important and how it is calculated.  Embodied carbon measures all the energy to produce, transport and build with specific building materials. This hidden source of carbon has a significant impact (estimated to be as much as 11 percent of total global carbon emissions) in addition to the “operational carbon” which is more universally understood and measured. It is important to reduce embodied carbon as much as possible as it is put into the earth’s atmosphere when the building is built and it takes 80-100 years for it to be sequestered. Operational carbon is not added to the environment all at once, but over time as it is used. 

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  • Holiday Crafting Party

    Holiday Crafting Party

    Members joined us for our virtual Holiday Crafting Party as we celebrated the season while networking and passing along some holiday cheer to the residents of the Elizabeth Stone House.

    Members were able to catch up with each other while “crafting” a welcome card that will accompany a small home warming gift to the residents moving into the Elizabeth Stone House’s new building.  The finished cards will be sent to 32 residents as they walk into their new home this January included with a home warming gift, put together by a few CREW Boston members. This annual CREW Boston tradition is a wonderful way to help brighten the spirits of children and families in need while enjoying a great networking event! 

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  • Holiday Luncheon Program - Take Action

    Holiday Luncheon Program - Take Action

    In December 2020, CREW Boston hosted a special holiday luncheon featuring Cara Brookins, author of Rise: How a House Built a Family. In 2007, Cara was at a personal crossroads. Having survived two, abusive relationships, Cara wanted to give meaning and purpose to her own life and the life of her four children. To do that, she landed on a big idea: she and her four children would build their own, forever home where they could put down new roots and start a new chapter for their family. Cara and her children had no construction experience. However, relying on YouTube tutorials and their own grit and scrappy determination, they successfully built the home of their collective dreams in a mere nine months. More importantly, Cara’s children had learned that they could figure out how to do incredible things. 

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  • Year End Update: Discovering What’s to Come in a Post-Pandemic Year

    Year End Update: Discovering What’s to Come in a Post-Pandemic Year

    At November’s luncheon, Ben Breslau, Chief Research Officer, Americas of JLL shared his thoughts with CREW Boston on a spectrum of potential outcomes for 2021. Some of his observations included:

    Covid-19/Pandemic has been the greatest accelerator of trends – e-commerce was growing, but the pandemic has made the switch to technology quicker. The Boston area is a knowledge/innovation economy, positioning our region well for recovery. Hospitality and retail have been impaired by the pandemic and will take longer to recover. Flex spaces (WeWork) may have been impacted during pandemic, but they will likely remain an important part of how we will continue to work in the future. Business travel has been drastically impacted and will take time to recover.  Our work from home experience has underscored the value of face-to-face interactions and will no doubt remain a critical part of relationships in the future.

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  • Coffee with CREW - Leveraging CREW Network

    Coffee with CREW - Leveraging CREW Network

    Proving that Friday the 13th doesn’t have to be unlucky, CREW Boston’s CREW Network Committee hosted an engagingCoffee with CREW with special guests Holly Neber of AEI and Dianne Crocker of LightBox on November 13th.  Leveraging CREW Network has been invaluable to both Holly and Dianne on their career paths, providing them with connections well outside of their chapters, opportunities to hone their leadership skills and the courage to embrace new challenges.
    As an active member of East Bay CREW and Immediate Past President of CREW Network and CREW Network Board of Directors, Holly spoke to the value of joining CREW Network Committees (e.g., Audit and Finance, Communications/ Editorial, Industry Research, Nominating, Member Education, Recognition, Scholarship Selection, and Diversity Equity and Inclusion Task Force), assuming leadership positions within the Network, as well as registering to participate in the next Leadership Summit in February 2021 (virtual event). Dianne, an active CREW Boston member and a past member of the CREW Network Member Education Committee, stressed the value of having a strong CREWBiz Profile, leveraging the incredible power of CREW Network for reaching experts on a particular topic of interest, accessing the CREWBiz community to give and get business (, and being proactive about engaging with members across the Network in virtually every niche of commercial real estate

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  • ​Where There's Chaos - There's Opportunity!

    ​Where There's Chaos - There's Opportunity!

    Members of the Entrepreneur Exchange Group aren’t strangers to chaos: many of us started our companies during layoffs or recessions. But what do we do in the face of global pandemic? Keeping teams engaged and accountable seems to be the biggest challenge of the COVID era. Several members are having all-staff meetings every day but Friday to keep everyone connected, adding weekly Project team meetings with their clients for a 15-minute check-in. Many have expanded their use of technology, starting, or joining podcasts, and upping their social media games. Make sure you’re following your fellow CREW members on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and your favorite podcast service! Let’s not forget the self-care aspect of the “new normal.” With increased screen time and the lack of social interaction, many have found that scheduling a mental health break in the middle of the day for a walk, yoga, pilates, or simply lunch away from their desks refreshes them for the rest of the day. 

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  • Turner: Creating a Green Culture in Construction

    Turner: Creating a Green Culture in Construction

    Abby Roberts and Caroline Murry from Turner Construction shared both an overview and details of Turner Construction’s company-wide commitment to sustainability.  Turner has committed to reduce CO2 emissions and water consumption on job sites by 50% by 2030. There is a Chief Sustainability Officer as a member of Tuner’s Executive team with sustainability representatives in all of Turner’s 50+ offices.  There are numerous committees allowing opportunities for employees with varying backgrounds to get involved. 

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  • The Balancing Act: Financial Strategies for the Mid-Career Professionals

    The Balancing Act: Financial Strategies for the Mid-Career Professionals

    The DPM Group and the Entrepreneurs Exchange hosted a presentation by Cathy Burgess a Vice President and Financial Advisor with Wells Fargo.  Cathy presented information about what you can do now to prepare for your retirement.  The presentation began with Cathy asking everyone to write down our three greatest hopes and our three greatest worries about retirement.  She also asked us to focus on what we actually WANT and not what others want; the only person who cares about your retirement is you.  On average, women live longer than men and are more likely to be the care givers – of children and of their parents.  This requires a lot of preparation: educate yourself, develop a specific plan, have important conversations with your friends and family and use a check list to track your progress.

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  • Tastes of Cheese, Chocolate and CREW Boston

    Tastes of Cheese, Chocolate and CREW Boston

    Attendees enjoyed a night of networking, accompanied by a virtual cheese and chocolate tasting led by Lowell Culinary Collaboration, which is a partnership of Lowell's best-loved food businesses, Mill City Cheesemongers and Sweet Lydia's.  The combination of cheese and chocolate was a great way to explore all the different flavors of each.  Some attendees commented that they would never think to pair chocolate and cheese together but it was absolutely delicious!

    CREW Boston Presidient, Laura Gregoriadis shared the importance of getting involved in CREW Boston - as the more you get involved, the more you will get out of your membership in CREW Boston. Then attendees were also able to join different breakout room as we provided a taste of all the different opportunities available to CREW Boston members through participation in our committees, groups and leadership

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  • Northland’s Newton Development: Discovering a 21st Century Green Neighborhood in a Newton Gateway

    Northland’s Newton Development: Discovering a 21st Century Green Neighborhood in a Newton Gateway

    At November’s luncheon, Peter Standish, SVP of Development at Northland Investment Corp, Michele Quinn, Senior Project Manager at Cube 3, and Michelle Lambert, President and Founder of Lambert Sustainability teamed up to provide a comprehensive overview of Northland’s Newton Development which has been over 40 years in the making. In the Spring of 2020 this project finally received approval to move forward by the Newton City Council after nearly 3 years of community outreach, hundreds of meetings, and a public hearing process that lasted nearly 18 months. This development will be setting the bar for community developments moving forward in sustainability, affordable housing, transit integration and demand, as well as historic perseveration and open space planning. 

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Upcoming Events

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    Roles in Real Estate - Operating the Asset...and Beyond

    Samuels & Associates
    136 Brookline Avenue, Boston MA


    Join us for the final session in our 3-part series that will demystify the roles involved in the development process. This will give you the insight to better leverage your connections with CREW members and consequently better serve your clients!

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    2022 CREW Boston Golf League - South Shore - Session 2

    South Shore Country Club
    274 South Street, Hingham, MA

    Members Only

    We are very excited to kick off the 4-week CREW Boston Golf League for 2022 at South Shore Country Club in Hingham, MA. Open to members only at all levels! Join fellow golf enthusiasts for a great opportunity to meet, play and network this summer!

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    DPMG Summer Social

    Para Maria
    70 Sleeper Street, Boston MA

    Members Only

    Join CREW's Development Project Management Group as we ring in summer with a networking event at Para Maria in Boston’s seaport district.

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